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Marani Mtsvane Qvevri

<p>This deep amber-colored wine has aromas of orange and butterscotch. It comes on fruit-forward, but then tannins and spice settle in, featuring flavors of apple, lemon, pineapple, roast cashew and smoke. The bold finish offers a distinct floral note. </p>
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€15.86 pro Liter
Tamada Tsitska
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Tamada Tsitska

<p>This wine of deep golden colour has a nose of apple pie and toffee. The aromas of nectarine, peach and bitter almond are underlined by strong tannins. The finish is very smooth and the light aromas on the palate show their presence once again.</p>
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€16.93 pro Liter

Tamada Mukuzani

<p>This inky red-violet wine has a nose of blueberry pie, green pepper and violet. It is slightly tart at first sip, with tannins that hide at first and then coat the tongue and gums. A rich flavor profile of blackberry, cranberry, anise, violet and white chocolate makes way for cherry and chocolate notes in the finish.</p>
Price €12.50
€16.66 pro Liter